Please think of the fatherless men on fathers day.

Today is an important day for most men my age. It is when their children thank their dad for all that he has done for them. When I was younger I didn’t think much of Fathers Day but the past few years Fathers Day has almost been as depressing as Valentines Day for me. One difference between Fathers Day and Valentines day is that I can stay home for Valentines day but Fathers Day I have to hide my depressed feelings to join my family and thank my own dad for all that he has done. I remember years ago a friend once said that men who are fathers deserve a day like this as if people who end up single and lonely chose to be lonely and chose not to be fathers. Back then it really didn’t bother me as much as it does today. I guess in my 20s and 30s, I figured that I will eventually get married as some people kept telling me will eventually happen when I talked about my troubles find a woman.

I ask people to think of the lonely during Fathers Day. There are many men who wanted to be married and have children who weren’t given these gifts. For them Fathers Day is spent with their own father until their father is gone. Then it will be another depressing day like Valentines Day where they are reminded of how lonely they really are. It isn’t like all men will eventually find a woman.


Making women feel uncomfortable around me.

Today I wanted to expand on my previous entry on April 10th about how some women have hated me or found me creepy. Unfortunately, most of the mistreatment that I encountered by women like Amanda who I mentioned in my last entry is my own fault. I seem to have some kind of intense gaze and women find this creepy. A lot of times I don’t even realize that I have this gaze. I don’t know for sure if this is why someone like Amanda would hate me so much but there has to be something that I did prior to her friend Valerie doing the sick prank of making a fake note to get me to write a note to Amanda. Valerie wouldn’t have been successful with her prank if it weren’t for Amanda to dislike me and feel uncomfortable about me. To this day I am still mad at myself for responding the way I did to the note under the assumption that it wasn’t a forgery. When I received the note that claimed to be from Amanda, I didn’t want to be mean to her and assumed that this note wasn’t fake. Of course the rest is history, the note ended up being fake and my attempt to respond nicely to her made her feel freaked out about me. To this day she probably has no idea that her so called friend Valerie had sent a note to me to provoke me to send one back and I was stupid enough to assume the note wasn’t fake and respond to it.

The reason I want to take another look at this is I have a woman at work who has shown signs that she feels uncomfortable around me. It really hurts me to realize that someone else feels uncomfortable because of me and this is one of the main reasons I thought about committing suicide back in high school. I didn’t intend to make women feel uncomfortable but made women feel uncomfortable and like now, it is killing me to know that I am making someone else feel uncomfortable. It upsets me even more that a lot of times I have no idea that I’m doing something awkward that is making others (especially women) feel uncomfortable. Women already have too many things to worry about. It also destroys my chances of finding someone leaving me alone. It really depresses me to realize that I may have made this woman at work feel uncomfortable. She seems to be a nice person and I’m not the type of person who wants to hurt others or make them feel uncomfortable. I am always worried about hurting others and cannot even think about intentionally hurting someone else. I am always concerned that I will hurt someone’s feelings. Even though I may have Aspergers and difficulties with empathy, I do care about others and really get upset if I hurt someone’s feelings.

In a lot of cases I don’t realize that I’m making someone feel uncomfortable and I can recall at least one case at work where I had no idea that I was making someone feel uncomfortable. In this case I didn’t notice it at the time but one of my female co-workers was upset that I was looking at her in some way. I left to go to the restroom and while I was gone she said some stuff to the other co-workers. An argument occurred as these women surprisingly stood up for me telling this co-worker that it wasn’t like I intended to look at her in this way and that I cannot help it. It’s hard for me to believe that I didn’t pick up on the fact that this co-worker was bothered by what I was doing having no idea that I was upsetting her. People with Aspergers have difficulties picking up social cues but how could I miss what should have been so obvious? I’m still upset about this incident even though this happened over 20 years ago and the individual that got upset with me no longer works for this company and even if she did, I work in a totally different area. I have to say that I’m very thankful for these female co-workers for standing up for me even though this is still my fault for what happened. Not realizing that I’m doing something that is bothering another person isn’t a valid excuse and I should have also been able to figure out that I was upsetting her but I had no idea that I was looking at her in some way that bothered her and didn’t even know that she was agitated with something I was doing. They were also quite nice to befriend me and let me join them for breaks. They realized that I was different and felt that it would be good to invite me to join them for breaks so that I won’t be alone.

I guess the reasoning behind this blog entry is to help me deal with the depressed feeling I have realizing that this female co-worker feels uncomfortable around me which really hurts me knowing that I am making her feel this way. In addition, I wanted to emphasize that I don’t intentionally wish to make someone feel uncomfortable and it really makes me upset when I do. I wish that people understood that I don’t intend to make them feel uncomfortable and a lot of times don’t even realize that I’m doing something that makes them feel uncomfortable. In addition, I may not even be able to pick up social cues indicating that I’m making you feel uncomfortable. It really gets upsetting for me when people get upset with me for how I act as if I did it intentionally but what people don’t understand is that I did not mean to make them feel uncomfortable and it devastates me knowing when I do. It has made social interactions even more painful for me. I just wish that I had normal social behaviors as everyone else instead of being misunderstood all the time.

Forties and lonely

I remember that since grade school I longed for the day that I would get married. As a kid everyone believes that they will be married when they are an adult. I cannot think of any adults whom I grew up with who weren’t married. It was just unheard of to not be married and if someone was unmarried it was always assumed that there was a reason such as they were a horrible person who would have treated their spouses poorly. The only adult that I can remember in my neighborhood who wasn’t married was a couple of mentally challenged guys. I feel guilty but with friends we made fun of them and even teased them about being unmarried. I really didn’t enjoy making fun of them and didn’t make fun of them much as it was more of the people I was with. I just couldn’t make fun of someone for not being normal especially when at the time I had kids who made fun of me and called me a "Retard". I felt sorry for these two adults since they had a condition that they couldn’t really have a great life and were treated like garbage by kids and even their parents. I didn’t think of it at the time but they most likely were lonely since they didn’t have a wife or girlfriend.

Around the sixth grade I started noticing that women disliked me as I had two women in grade school who ridiculed me repeatedly in the sixth grade. I noticed Denise and Jenny and thought they were beautiful and initially thought that they were twins. I told a friend that I trusted at the time that I thought that Denise and Jenny were beautiful twins. This frend informed me that they were not twins even though they were often seen together and even wore similar clothing to school. Since I like legs and feet I admired how they wore nylons and how they seemed to look beautiful in the clothes they wore. One day this so called friend told Denise and Jenny that I had a admired them and even had a crush on them. They didn’t take it too well and let me know that they didn’t like me. I tried to avoid them since I couldn’t even walk down the same hall without them saying something to me. They seemed to be freaked out that I admired them and thought that I was staring at them. This really hurt me and I didn’t trust women as much as I did before. During Junior high there was a couple of women who seemed to admire me but then there was a young woman named Amanda. I didn’t really notice her but someone played a sick prank that I fell for. A girl named Valerie told me that Amanda liked me and I believed her. I passed a note to her asking about her and she responded with another note telling me to get lost. I realized that I had been fooled but didn’t realize that this was only the beginning of my problems with Amanda. At the Time I just wanted to be nice to Amanda thinking that her so called friend was telling the truth when she said that she had a crush on me. I got a break from Amanda as I attended my sophomore year in high school but as I was a Junior, she was moved to my school and during my Senior year things really got bad as I would be walking through the hall and have her yell something at me such as telling me to stay away from her. It really upset me since I really didn’t have any interests in her before her friend Valerie played this prank and am wouldn’t have even talked to her if it weren’t for her friend. I wanted to avoid her but there was always a time that we both happened to be in the same hall.

Despite the mistreatment by some women I figured that there was some woman out there who liked me and that I would eventually be married. I remember one day in a metal shop class I had a bunch of male classmates tell me who I will never get married and I argued with them. Me and as many as 8 other students made a $20 bet that at the 25 year high school reunion I won’t be married. At the time I figured that there isn’t a possibility that I could lose this bet since every decent guy finds a woman right? The constant rejection by women got to me in my senior year and I considered the possibility that I could end up alone for the rest of my life. I considered suicide but was assured by others that women mature after high school and even though I was being rejected now that I won’t be in a year or so. I decided not to commit suicide based on the idea that things can only get better. Unfortunately I was fed some false information by people who either thought that there wasn’t a chance that I could end up alone or simply wanted to prevent me from committing suicide and said this hoping that I would believe it and decide not to commit suicide.

My crisis during my senior year really hurt me academically and my grades were too low to get in to most colleges. I didn’t have any intentions of going to College after high school but decided after graduation that this would be a great way to meet women. During my college years I faced a lot of rejection and started to realize that the people who said that women will mature were wrong. I wasn’t made fun of women like I was during school but women told me politely that they simply weren’t interested and told me the standard dump phrase that I am a “great guy” and “will make some woman happy”. I started to realize soon that this was simply a standard thing women say to men to be nice to them and try and help them feel okay about being rejected but in reality there may not be some woman who will be interested in me. In fact, the entire notion that everyone is loved by someone is a fairy tale. Unfortunately there are some men who will never find someone. I’m sure the two mentally challenged guys who grew up in my neighborhood thought when they were young that they would be married like it seems everyone else is. During their late teen years they too were probably told that women will mature and that they will find someone.

Next year will be my 30th high school reunion and the 25th year reunion was cancelled but I had no plans to go to my 25th year reunion and don’t plan to go to my 30th year reunion. I don’t know which would be worse for me attending a high school reunion. Would me seeing everyone else married including women who I wanted a date or having people make fun of me including the guys who I made a bet with in metal shop during my junior year make me more depressed? It is already difficult for me to log in to my Facebook account and see men who treated me like garbage happily married with children. I feel I was robbed of happiness and wanted to be a father.

I am now 47 and for some reason me being alone has really gotten to me as I’ve been unable to sleep at night since I cannot stop thinking about how much I wash I wasn’t alone. It’s really difficult to be alone since every commercial reminds me that most men have a wife long before my age. This time of the year is especially bad since it is during the Spring and summer months that women start wearing more revealing clothing. It is also the time of the year that we enjoy more of our time outside and I start wishing that I could have a picnic with a woman but I’m not married and don’t have a girlfriend. At 47, nearly all women are taken and the chances of me finding someone to join me is even more remote than the hard times I had in high school and during my twenties.

I spend entire nights trying to fall asleep but end up constantly thinking about how lonely I am and how I am going to die lonely. I keep thinking to myself and asking “Why me?” and realizing that if I had the knowledge of what was going to happen to me back in my senior year when I was thinking of committing suicide, there is no doubt that I would have carried it out. I keep thinking of how devastating my suicide would have been to my parents and entire family but also how I have suffered my entire life and this suffering will not end. It isn’t like you can die from loneliness. Being lonely doesn’t increase your chances of developing a life threatening medical condition that could kill you. I often think about how it seemed impossible for me to even fathom during my teen years of some adult being rejected by every women they asked out and end up being alone until the day they finally do die. It has been hard for me to accept that I’m one of those unfortunate people who will never have someone love them and cannot do things that a lot of people take for granted such as a picnic with their loved one on a warm sunny day or taking a trip to some romantic place. Even a hug after a rough day is something that I cannot have but many others take for granted.

Another lonesome Valentines Day.

This time of year can be especially hard for people who are socially awkward. During the Holiday season we celebrate families and for a lot of socially awkward people such as people with Aspergers or other Autism Spectrum disorders they don’t have a family of their own. Some of us still have parents or friends that we can celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Eve with but for too many people on the spectrum, they have nobody to spend the Holidays with. I’m fortunate to have parents and brothers to spend the Holidays with. It can be hard during the Holiday season since a lot of us wanted to be married and have a family of our own. We really don’t get to play Santa Claus since we don’t have a family and do not enjoy a nice Christmas Eve looking at Christmas lights with a loved one since we are not married. It can really be tough since you long for what many people take for granted. Of course there are others who have it worse than we do such as people who are homeless or a family who is trying to give their children the best presents but due to their financial situation cannot provide the toys that their classmates get for Christmas. I remember years ago someone writing a Letter to the Editor in a local newspaper complaining how the person she selected for the “Angel Tree&quote; wanted an expensive toy. There isn’t any difference between children from families who are poor and they want the same toys as middle class and upper class children want. They probably haven’t realized that their parents are poor and they wish Santa will bring the same gifts to them that their richer classmates receive. It’s a magical time for children but as children we don’t realize how much our parents sacrifice to make our Christmas a good one and give our children everything on their list. Some parents end up working a second job to provide their children a good Christmas. I guess this is where people on the spectrum or for other reasons don’t have children can help the less fortunate to have a Merry Christmas. During the Holiday season you start to realize what a void your life is without a significant other. You long for a significant other like a child from a family that is less fortunate wants the toys that every other child receives.

Right after the holiday season you get another reminder of how empty your life is without a significant other and how much you long for someone to love you. Valentines Day was created by the card and diamond industry to celebrate love but when you have no significant other there really isn’t any reason to celebrate. It gets depressing when you realize how some people take for granted having a significant other not realizing that there are some people who will never have a significant other. For us, Valentines Day is rough on us and for many years I would cross out the February 14th date on my calendar to indicate that it isn’t anything special for me. Unfortunately there isn’t a cure for being lonely and it is painful and depressing realizing others will spend Valentines Day with a significant other while you won’t be celebrating Valentines Day at all. Valentines Day can be a rough day for the unfortunate people who are lonely.

I’ve had some really rough Valentines Day’s in my life! Sometimes I’ve had to deal with rejection from women who didn’t appreciate receiving a Valentine from me. Sometimes someone would play a sick joke on a woman who disliked me by giving her a Valentine and putting my name on it so that she thinks it came from me. When this woman tells me that she didn’t appreciate my “Valentine” it really angers them when I deny giving them the Valentine. It seems they don’t realize that this was some sick prank. Of course if it didn’t happen to me I wouldn’t think of this happening to someone else. My absolute worst Valentines Day has to be during my senior year in high school. Some guy met a woman at a party that either his disliked or just wanted to play a sick prank on me or her. I received a call from some woman I supposedly met around 1 AM after I got home from work. After I didn’t seem to know who she was one of her friends got on the lines and complimented for making her friend cry. For months after this Valentines Day I kept getting threatening calls from this woman whom I’ve never met and didn’t recognize her name when she told me who she was. She had an unusual name so it was impossible for someone to forget this name. Her friends figured that I simply met their friend and decided to act like I have no idea who she was if she calls me. This was before caller ID so I had no idea who it was that called me and I started receiving death threats from her friends such as telling me that I better “watch my back”. My dad intervened and started answering for me and telling these people that I am not home and also had them make threats towards me such as telling my dad that they know that I’m home. The police were notified and they started wiretapping our phone but by the time they started tapping the phone they stopped calling. I had no idea who these people were but they seemed to know who I was. There was no woman by this unusual name that attended my school so I assume that she attended another school but some of her friends attended my school or knew someone who does. They knew things that only someone who actually attends school with me knew so I can say at least some of these friends did attend the same school as me. It was scary since I was receiving threats from people whom I have no idea who they were and they wouldn’t give me a chance to explain that I have no idea who this woman who called me was and this appears to be some sick prank. I imagine if I got a chance to explain they wouldn’t believe me since they were convinced that it was me that was with their friend and why would someone play such a sick prank on their friend? Most likely this prank was intended for me similar to an earlier prank where someone was stopped by the police and gave the police my name when they were questioned. My parents were called to come to the station but my parents realized that I was in my room and not in police custody. Unfortunately my parents had gotten off the phone and were ready to drive to the station until they realized I was home. It would have been great if my parents knew that I was home and told the police that it is impossible for the person they have in custody to be me since I’m at home with them. Even though they were Juveniles, they still may get into some trouble for making a false statement to police especially telling a police officer that they are someone that they are not. I really wished that the police were able to trace the threatening calls and confront these people. Perhaps they would be more likely to believe me if the police explained to them that this was some sick prank. I was afraid to go to class during my senior year and often cut class since I realized that these people seemed serious with their threats and they weren’t going to call again and risk being caught by police. If they intended to carry out their threat, they would do it without calling first. Since the police talked to the administrators, I’m sure word got around that the police are investigating threats made towards me and someone may have been able to warn these people that if they call me again they could be arrested.

Valentine’s day tends to bring back all those memories of all those bad Valentine’s Days I had as well as more recent rejection. It’s hard to accept that the people who made fun of you in high school were able to find someone but you can’t. I even had students who told me that I will never get married. Unfortunately they are right! I thought of committing suicide during me senior year in high school but was reassured by school officials that everything will get better and that women will “mature” and pick people like me. I wish I had the knowledge I had back then to realize they don’t know what they were talking about. The only reason I didn’t commit suicide during my senior year is because I couldn’t help to realize how devastated my family would be if I were to commit suicide. In addition, the people who made fun of me would have a field day if I committed suicide. I just turned 46 which is far outside of the age people get married. I am old enough to be a dad to the average single women these days! It really hurts that I could not find love and have had to spend Valentine’s day alone all these years. In a way I wish I had the guts to take my life back then. I didn’t want to be alone for the rest of my life and didn’t realize at the time that I was going to be lonely for the rest of my life. People take for granted that they have someone who loves them and someone they can talk to when they had a bad day. Someone who will give them a hug when they urgently need one.

   In a previous entry I mentioned how I was transferred to a special education school in the fifth grade and when I was released to a regular Junior High School for the 7th grade I had no idea how to divide. The reason I was unable to divide in the sixth grade was because I was placed in Special Education Math classes and never was taught how to divide even though this is an important skill when entering Junior High School. Almost as important as being able to read which I knew of one student in my sixth grade special education class who had to repeat the sixth grade in this special education school because he was unable to read at a sixth grade level. Catching up in Math is one of the most inspiring events in my life and I am thankful for my Junior High Special Education Math teacher for convincing me that I can catch up and be able to take a non-special education math class by the ninth grade. Unfortunately for other subjects such as English (especially grammar) I wasn’t ready when my Special Education English teacher also decided to send me to a regular English class. I’m not so sure if he felt I was ready but probably didn’t want to make me take Special Education English for the ninth grade since I was begging to be allowed to take a regular English Class. Unfortunately my English skills were lacking even more than my Math skills when I was ready to attend Junior High. To this day my lack of English skills comes back to haunt me when someone points out my poor English skills. During my time in Junior and Senior High, students saw my poor English skills as an indication that I was mentally challenged and called me the famous R word used to designate people who are mentally challenged because of this. I even had teachers make fun of my poor English skills.

   In the Special Education Grade school I attended we studied second grade level Math and English. In my Junior High Math class, my teacher wouldn’t let me into a regular class if I didn’t know the basics so I had to work hard for two years to get to where I could take Pre-Algebra in the 9th grade that is normally taught in the Seventh Grade. You can see why my teacher wouldn’t let me go straight to Pre-Algebra since there are steps you need to learn in Math before you move on. You cannot solve an equation 5X = 25 for x without knowing how to divide. I remember taking College Algebra which happens to be the most failed math class in our College. Of course one reason is most students are required to take College Algebra but depending on their major, this is the only class they need to take. Calculus is more difficult of a subject than College Algebra and you wouldn’t be able to make it in the required pre-requisites which included Trigonometry or Pre-Calculus without College Algebra and would be lost in Calculus without taking Trigonometry or Pre-Calculus. You definitely cannot go straight to Calculus unless you had taken college level Algebra and Trigonometry in High School. I remember a teacher who taught College Algebra warning us that if you miss even one day you could be completely lost the next day since every day we learn a step that must be mastered for the next day. A lot of students didn’t study the concepts or missed some days in class and found themselves lost and struggling. My Special Education Math teacher realized I needed to master other steps before I could take Pre-Algebra. I struggled in Pre-Algebra but more because I felt I was inferior since I was a Special Education student nearly my entire life. When I moved on to my Sophomore year in college, I had more confidence and did so well in Algebra that for the first time in my life I had students who were jealous of me because I often received the highest score on tests.

   It’s been several years since I’ve been to school so things could have changed but English wasn’t necessarily taught in steps. It was in regular grade school courses but in my Special Education English class we kept at a Second grade pace even though I was in the sixth grade. In my Junior High Special Education class we really didn’t study any English rules. Instead we studied from some book with lessons and exercises such as “Say the deduction: All cats have whiskers.” We were then told by our teacher “Bob has a cat” and asked “What do we know about Bob’s cat?”. We would answer “Bob’s cat has whiskers.” Then our teacher would ask “How do we know Bob’s cat has whiskers?” and we were to answer “Because all cats have whiskers”. I remember getting in trouble once when I put “Because the deduction says so” on a written lesson of the same type. Even though I took Special Education English years ago I remember this exercise since I hated it so much and now question what exactly does this lesson plan have to do with English skills such as proper use of grammar? We also had some reading comprehension exercises but nothing about English and the proper way to write sentences. I already went through plenty of reading comprehension exercises in my Special Education Grade School so at the time I know this really wasn’t something I needed to learn more about. I needed to learn grammar skills! Imagine how lost I was in my first regular English class in the ninth grade as we were diagramming sentences and talking about dangling modifiers that I had no idea what they were! I was able to pass my Junior High English class and my High School English classes were mostly writing journals and reports. For some reason I was able to wing it despite having poor English skills. Either the teachers didn’t really care about any errors I made and were more interested in the writing or my years of reading newspapers gave me some idea of how a sentence is supposed to sound or how to punctuate and even today I lack skills such as this. In College I had to take remedial English or what is often nicknamed Bonehead English but even this course didn’t go into sentence structure. I was able to wing it and my English Professor even thought I shouldn’t be in remedial English. I assume he liked my writing and didn’t pay attention to punctuation or I have been somehow able to pull off writing in an English class even though I was made fun of by others due to my poor English skills – even a professor. I somehow managed to be successful in my two College English courses which were often called College Writing so you guessed it, we didn’t study grammar rules which I’m sure most people knew by the time they were in Junior High or were supposed to learn in remedial English if their entrance test score in English was low like mine. I received great grades on my writing assignments and even had a professor compliment me which is strange like the other times I’ve been complimented on my English skills despite them not being so well. I did have the help of the writing lab for College English classes but they really didn’t notice any grammar errors and often complimented me on my reports and made suggestions on how to make them even better such as removing portions and use wording to make the report more exciting to read. I also was required to take a Technical Writing course for my degree and did well in the written part but now so well in the oral presentation part. Of course one reason I did poorly in the oral presentations was I didn’t look people in the eye during presentations or just looked in one direction which is a trait (at least eye contact) of Aspergers. This teacher complimented me on my ability to write step-by-step instructions but I didn’t do so well on oral presentations.

   The reason I bring this topic up is I hope that the focus of special education is to provide individual help and teach people the skills they need instead of a one-size-fits all approach. I cannot remember all the reasoning of why we used second grade material in my Special Education School but it may have had to do with a majority of the students being Second or Third graders and only three of us were Fifth and Sixth graders. We had different needs. All of us needed to learn Math and English skills at our grade level so that we function in Junior High. My classmate who was unable to read at the sixth grade level could have used help catching up and being able to read at the sixth grade level instead of spending another year repeating the sixth grade. It would have saved a lot of money if we were at the sixth grade level and could take regular Math and English classes instead of Special Education Math and English classes in Junior High. At the time I don’t think educators knew much about Aspergers and am not even sure if it was even diagnosed as it is today. We were often told that we weren’t mentally challenged in that our IQ was normal but we were mentally handicapped in some way. I think a lot of the teachers misjudged the capabilities of me and others. When students are taken from regular classes and are in a Special Education course that isn’t focused on catching them up with their regular classmates they miss a lot such as in my case where I didn’t learn key Math and English skills. Fortunately I was able to learn Math skills but I have lost the basic grammar skills I need to this day and never got a chance to learn and have winged it. I also lost out on a lot of other subjects such as World History. I was able to make up for what I didn’t learn in US History since there were plenty of US Politics, US Civics, and US History courses required in junior high, high school and college. I think this is why a lot of special education students give up and never finish their high school degree. Either they realize they are significantly below their grade level or were placed in a regular class from the special education class and were overwhelmed since they didn’t learn the steps they needed in the special education classes. It doesn’t help that they are ridiculed by classmates for being a special education student or because they lack some skills.

   Another reason I bring this up is because I made some comments on a comment board to a local paper. A reporter decided to write an article and for three paragraphs ridiculed my poor grammar. The fourth paragraph he decided to twist the wording of my comments to make me sound like someone I wasn’t and take my comments out of context to distort what I said. This really hurt me and I’ve thought about suicide. I can safely say that I have lost all respect for this reporter as I think he lacked any class and even if he was doing this to someone who treated me like total crap I wouldn’t be amused by what he did. I have lost my appetite to eat and have been trying to figure out a way to learn the English that I didn’t learn in school so that an event like this doesn’t happen again but I’m learning that about the only opportunity there is to learn grammar is in grammar school and if you miss those classes, you out of luck and become fodder for a newspaper reporter who wants to make fun of someone and at the same time trash their reputation by making them sound like someone who they are not by twisting comments and taking comments out of context. Interestingly this happened the same week that I received a notice that it’s time to renew. After having this happen to me and still being depressed and unable to eat and thinking of suicide because of his stunt, I will not be renewing my subscription and will never rely on them for my news realizing that this one reporter could distort who I am so badly through twisting comments and taking comments I made out of context. So the next time you wonder why you need to know English and grammar, just remember that some reporter may decide to use your lack of grammar to ridicule you and even take your comments and twist them and take them out of context to distort what you actually said. What is worse, even though I used an alias a lot of people know my alias and will read his article and think that I really said what this reporter distorted my comments to say. This is the worst thing that can happen when you are already self conscious of your poor grammar skills! One of the main reasons he probably targeted me was because he noticed my poor grammar skills. This has made me question if I should continue to write blogs when I lack grammar skills and it isn’t like I can just take a course in grammar since these are taught in grammar school.

Harassment other than sexual harassment.

   We often hear in the news about people losing jobs and people winning large settlements due to sexual harassment in the workplace or in other areas such as school. In fact every year my employer requires us to take the annual sexual harassment course where we learn that offering someone a promotion in return for sexual favors, making unwelcome comments (not just negative comments but positive as well), pressuring a co-worker for a date, and some public displays of affection for couples can get you into trouble for sexual harassment. We learn how such harassment can create a hostile work environment for not only the victim but others. But what about other forms of harassment? It seems there is so much focus on sexual harassment that other forms of harassment aren’t considered serious even though employers emphasize that they want a workplace free of harassment but it seems to only mean sexual harassment. Sometimes we hear about harassment cases involving race but what about harassment based on a perceived or real disability? The reason I ask is I am encountering what I consider harassment based on a perceived intellectual disability. A couple of weeks ago I walked up to a soda machine and was purchasing a Mountain Dew® when a woman lined up behind me and I overheard her mutter the words to herself:

“Hurry up retard”

   I acted like I didn’t hear what she said even though her comment was hurtful. At first I figured that perhaps I did take too long at the pop machine and she was in a hurry. The more I thought about it I was at the machine for less than 5 seconds since I already knew what I planned to buy before I even walked up to the machine. She didn’t seem to be in a hurry since I was walking out the door while she was still deciding on what she wanted to buy and if she were in front of me I would have been waiting for her. Of course I wasn’t in a hurry and would patiently wait for her to finish since she was at the machine before me. Normally I don’t use the R-Word when writing in a blog but I felt it was easier to quote exactly what this woman muttered as she was behind me. Later in the week I was walking along the halls at work when I suddenly felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around to see what the person behind me wanted and it turned out to be the same woman I met earlier in the week at the pop machine. She started pushing me and shouted:

“Get out of my way a–hole.”

   I moved out of her way and let her pass and overheard one of her friends who was with her ask why she was “so mean”. She told her friend that she doesn’t like people with intellectual disabilities (she used the R-Word rather than the words “people with intellectual disabilities”). I thought to myself that perhaps I was walking too slow even though a lot of people tell me I walk too fast. As I was behind her and her friend, they slowed as they were talking and I walked past them without them even noticing. My style is to simply go around someone who is walking slowly instead of pushing them and calling them an a–hole. I was concerned that I would be confronted by this woman who just called me an a–hole and told me to get out of her way as I contemplated if I should walk past them or remain behind them. I decided it would be creepy to sit behind them and they were almost stopped in the hallway and I was actually in a hurry to get back to my cubicle so I elected to walk past them. Of course being called an a–hole and shoved out of someones way can be hurtful and make you wonder what you did to anger them so much. But in this case she clearly could have went around me or politely told me to excuse her as she walked past me. Looking back at this incident, I wasn’t even in her way just as much as I wasn’t wasting too much of her time when I was at the pop machine earlier in the week. I never met this woman before but apparently she has decided that she doesn’t like me. I rarely use the other side of the building where she works so the incident at the pop machine was probably the first time she ever saw me. This is definitely the first time I have ever seen her. I have been avoiding her side of the building ever since but still have ended up meeting up with her. Last week as I was walking to my car in the parking lot she walked by and called me by the R-word. I was walking in the door as she was smoking with a friend and I overheard her mention that she feels that employers shouldn’t have a quota when it comes to hiring people with intellectual disabilities (again she used the R-Word instead of the words “people with intellectual disabilities”).

   It has gotten to the point that I dread coming to work realizing even if I avoid her side of the building I cannot avoid her completely since we both have to use the same parking lot and even though there are two doors and she usually uses the door on her side of the building, she also takes smoke breaks outside the door that I use to enter and exit the building and I could be using this door at the same time she is on a smoke break. Obviously what she is doing is considered harassment and the fact that I dread coming to work and go out of my way to avoid her clearly indicates a hostile work environment and she is harassing me based on a perceived intellectual disability. Even though my employer focuses on sexual harassment they still have made statements that any form of harassment will not be tolerated in the workplace and my employer is quite aggressive when responding to sexual harassment complaints and I assume other harassment complaints. I remember a co-worker who decided that since he often hears a female co-worker complain that she never receives flowers from a guy on Valentines Day since she is single and doesn’t have a boyfriend. He decided to anonymously have flowers sent to her to make her feel better. She found out he was the one who sent the flowers and didn’t appreciate him sending flowers to her and filed a sexual harassment complaint. This co-worker was counseled by his supervisor and told if he has any contact with her or another woman files a complaint, he could potentially face termination. He asked to be reassigned to another area fearing that she might misinterpret something he does as an unwelcome sexual advancement and file another complaint. After being told that they cannot transfer him to another area he resigned and now works for another employer making lesser than what he was making at the position he resigned from. One male co-worker with an intellectual disability had a habit of staring at women’s feet and was counseled when one woman filed a complaint and was told he could be fired if he continues staring at his co-workers feet as his supervisor also indicated that other women have also felt uncomfortable and when he wasn’t at work one day we were discussing things that bother us on our job and a couple of women brought up they don’t like a certain employee staring at their feet. Based on the zero-tolerance policy they have for sexual harassment, I felt I had a compelling case where I was being harassed and my employer would take actions. The only thing that worried me is that I would be accused by others of making a false claim or that I am taking advantage of the harassment laws to silence this woman since it is quite rare for a male to file a complaint and rare for someone to file a complaint for harassment other than sexual harassment.

   After looking at my employers rules of conduct and speaking with Human Resources I found out that I am actually in unchartered territory. There have been complaints about harassment based on race as well as religious preference but not as many complaints as there are for sexual harassment. There has been an increase in sexual orientation and sexual identity harassment such as employees filing grievances after being accused of being homosexual and a transsexual who filed a grievance after she overheard her co-workers talking about her transformation and some female co-workers being uncomfortable going to the same restroom since they still considered her a male since she is a biological male. The only disability based harassment claim in my local area is someone who had a physical disability that a co-worker was harassing her because of this disability. There was an employee who was being harassed based on an intellectual disability but she decided against filing a complaint and eventually filed a sexual harassment complaint after this co-worker who was harassing her for having an intellectual disability started sexually harassing her. So if I go ahead and file a complaint this will be the first time there has been an intellectual disability complaint in Utah and possibly in the nation in my employers history. I wonder if employees with an intellectual disability either decided that since they are in unchartered territory that they decided that it isn’t worth their time to file an intellectual disability harassment claim or had reservations like me about people accusing them of gaming the system or making a false claim of harassment.

   It came time for the annual sexual harassment course and I listened carefully for them to discuss harassment other than sexual harassment and out of the entire hour of discussing sexual harassment, less than 5 minutes was spent addressing the many other forms of harassment other than sexual harassment. One of the reasons they say we have to take this course is because so many people claim that they have no idea what they did was considered sexual harassment. This got me thinking: What is stopping this woman from saying that she had no idea what she did was considered harassment towards someone with a real or perceived intellectual disability? She could easily make this claim since it isn’t really addressed nor is it in the news often if ever. In addition, since there hasn’t been any employees who have been disciplined for intellectual disability based harassment nor has any filed a complaint alleging intellectual disability harassment (at least in Utah for my employer) people wouldn’t have any idea what it is or that it is also illegal. I’m thinking that it would be a waste of my time to go through and file a complaint since there really much awareness and few if any complaints have been filed with my employer. It isn’t too encouraging that less than five minutes in our sexual harassment course addresses the other forms of harassment other than sexual harassment.

Why online dating sites are a waste of time and money.

   It’s been a while since I last posted on this blog so I thought I would post something. Of course this Friday is Valentines day which for single people really isn’t much of a holiday since we don’t have a significant other. While others are looking for the perfect gift for their boyfriend or girlfriend, single people who have difficulties finding dates for whatever reason are not doing anything for Valentines day. Everyone would like to have someone who loves them to share time with which is usually a member of the opposite gender. Not everyone can have such an opportunity and when you have difficulty connecting socially with others it makes it even harder to find someone. Since I’ve never really had many friends I have never had a friendship at the level of having someone who loved me. Because of my problems fitting in and understanding social cues I often end up losing the friends that I do make. I face unique problems socializing with others from having Aspergers which makes me socially awkward. My experiences during my life such as never fitting in and being disliked by others have compunded my troubles socializing especially when trying to find a woman. I can appear perfectly normal to people but eventually they find out that I have problems socializing which makes it even more difficult since it isn’t obvious to people that I have these problems and since I appear perfectly normal but act odd in some way they often think I am intentionally making them feel uncomfortable or when I don’t pick up on a social cue such as they are trying to give me the cue to indicate that they are feeling uncomfortable. Some have suggested that I join a dating site and mentioned that there is even a site for people with various conditions such as Aspergers possibly even a site especially for people with Aspergers and other disorders along the autism spectrum. Dating sites make it easier to meet someone since you can place an online profile and respond to online profiles meaning someone like me who is socially awkward may have a better chance but my personal opinion is they are a waste of time and money.

   I admit that I was rejected by a well known dating site that supposedly is scientifically proven to help someone meet a potential partner that is compatible based on dimensions. I was shocked after answering all the questions truthfully to receive a message that I’m not compatible with anyone and therefore cannot join their site. I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. I remember doing a Google search shortly after and was a little relieved that I wasn’t the only person who was rejected by this site. The site has even been accused by some of rejecting men who are shorter than the median height of 5'8" and older women. I admit that I am only 5'4" and have also faced rejection by women who are looking for a guy who is 5'8" and even taller. There are some women who are my height or shorter who are looking for a guy who is a minimum height of 6'. This is my biggest complaint about online dating sites. Most men know that if they put their true height (I’ve never lied about my height on profiles), they will not get many replies from women if they don't happen to be the median height or taller. Realizing this some men will embellish their true height and when they meet for a date, the woman is upset because she was looking for a taller guy and it turned out the guy she met online isn't as tall as he claimed on his profile. For men who see nearly all the female profiles mention a minimum height that is taller than your height, we feel self-conscious answering this question just as much as a lot of women may be uncomfortable answering a question about their weight or bust size. On dating sites, providing your height is a mandatory question and you cannot just leave out your height from a profile unlike bust size or weight. Women come in all shapes and sizes but there are men out there who are obsessed with a woman'’s weight or bust size to the point that a certain bust size or weight is an absolute deal breaker. I’ve seen some attractive women in my life that have may be overweight or have a smaller bust size but still they had a nice personality and were nice looking. Even though I am a foot fan, I don't consider it a deal breaker if a woman doesn't wear sandals or doesn't have nicely pedicured feet. A picture can also make or break a profile and sometimes a person sees the beauty of the person from a professionally retouched photo and expect to see the person looking like this photo and are disappointed. Of course, women who don't like shorter men, men who are into large breasts, and people who won't date anyone overweight are able to see these flaws unless the photo has been retouched but then they are disappointed when they meet this person only to find out that the photo was retouched and if they were attracted to them based on height, bust size, or weight they feel they are wasting their time going on this date. After having someone I know meet some stalker from this same dating site that rejected me perhaps it’s a good thing I was rejected. Of course I do not feel that a set of questions or looking at a profile with physical features, a photo, and a list of hobbies really tells the whole story of someone and a lot of relationships from people I’ve known wasn't from online dating sites nor were they instantly attracted to each other. In some cases, a person even initially disliked the person who they eventually decided to spend the rest of their life together. In some cases a person may look attractive but have a really bad personality. I can see where sites could discriminate on factors such as a guys height or a woman's age. Most women are looking for "Tall, Dark, and Handsome" men and a lot of men are looking for younger women. If they have too many "undesirable" profiles, people will leave their site resulting in financial losses.

   Another complaint I have about online dating sites that is almost as big of a problem as revealing my height and other features is that they are in the business of making money off of helping people find romance online. Dating sites usually have two levels of membership. The free membership where about the only thing you can do is create a profile and the paid level of membership. They don’t make any money off of free memberships so they are constantly trying to get you to join as a paying member. This is why you are restricted on most sites from contacting someone and cannot respond to someone who contacted you unless you are a paying member. If you get no responses and never join they are losing money off of you. I’m sure a lot of dating sites have tried getting people to contact non-paying members to hook them into being a paying member which is usually a recurring monthly fee of something like $9.95 a month which is nearly $120 a year which isn’t worth it for most people especially if they rarely get contacted by someone or when they do contact someone they never hear back from them. I’ve heard horror stories of people trying to terminate their membership on a dating site only to continue to have their credit card billed the monthly fee. These sites are always looking for paying members and I’ve often had people respond to ads I placed on Backpage or Craigslist where the person would eventually tell me that in order to contact her, I will need to join this "cool" new dating site. I’m sure if I were to join the site I would never hear from her again since she is basically recruiting potential members to join a dating site. There are a couple of free sites but these sites are loaded with advertisements, fake profiles, and people from dating sites that are not free trying to recruit members. I personally don’t like the idea that dating sites are there to make a profit off of your search for a partner.

   Online dating sites may be great for people like me who are socially awkward to be able to meet someone but people who respond to my ad may not expect to meet someone who is socially awkward. A lot of people cannot tell from my writing that I’m socially awkward. In a lot of ways I appear normal but still am socially awkward which is an issue for someone who isn’t expecting this. I can also appear not to have any problems socializing with people but other times these problems are obvious and people aren’t expecting this since I appear normal in a lot of ways. A lot of people who meet me in person think that I am mentally challenged and unable to write so they would be shocked if they responded to a dating profile written by me and met me in person just as much as the people who met me in person would be shocked if they saw a profile from me on a dating site since they aren’t expecting me to be able to write a profile. Again, you only see a profile with a photo, some physical attributes, and a list of hobbies and don’t know the whole story of this person. You don’t know about their personality or any undesirable traits they may have or you might find out they are into something that you find weird such as someone with a foot fetish. For a lot of women, they are not comfortable with a person who has a foot fetish or other fetish and avoid such people. You also don’t know if this person is a pathological liar, rapist, tries to con people for money, or is even a serial killer.

   Finally, online dating sites allow people to pick and choose that can be both good and bad. As I mentioned, someone could easily look at the height of all the people and choose only people of a certain height or someone could just look at photos and pick someone based on a physical attribute or looks alone. Members can further restrict their search to only members of a specific religion and other characteristics such as political affiliation. A person may not share the same religious or political beliefs as you do and they may not even share any hobbies that you enjoy but still be a great match for you. If someone lacks the physical characteristics such as height, religious beliefs, and hobbies of the majority of the members they could easily be eliminated as a choice and not receive a single reply to their profile and never have someone respond when they contact them. There are also sites that specifically limit to a specific group such as people with mental or physical disabilities. Even though the intentions are to find people more accepting of their conditions, the potential pool of people to meet is much smaller and when you add the other factors such as physical attributes and shared beliefs or hobbies it further limits who you can meet on such a sight. You can even find dating sites catering to a certain fetish but again this further limits the potential choices of people to meet. It would be nice to meet women who are not uncomfortable with someone having a foot fetish but then again, this would further limit the potential women available for me to meet. Perhaps there is a woman who feels uncomfortable with the thought of someone finding her feet sexy but after meeting me they feel comfortable with me and may be willing to accept this even though they initially felt repulsed by the thought of someone finding their feet sexy. Why limit the possible people you could meet. It would be much better meeting people in person than an online profile. If I seriously wanted to meet women who are open to a foot fetish, it would be easier to just go to a foot party. A lot of men I’ve met at foot parties are married but their wife isn’t open to their fetish so they go to foot parties to indulge in their fetish and in some cases their wife knows they are going to these foot parties. I’m sure their wives are nice women but they simply aren’t open to their fetish. There are a lot of people who when they first met their spouse or significant other were repulsed by the thought of going to bed with them when they first met but later learned more about them and fell in love with them.

   It is now midway through September and soon there will be a chill in the air and on September 21st, summer officially ends. Kids are back to school, college students are beginning another semester at the local college and soon the warm summer months will be history. For me, it was a wasted summer like all my summers. I was able to keep busy at work but still it can be tough spending summer nights with nobody to share it with.

   There are some nights that reminded me of how tough it can be to spend summer without someone to share it with. One night in May I was in Salt Lake City hanging outside around 11 PM just when the noise of the hustle and bustle of the daytime starts to subside. With fewer cars there isn’t the constant sound of cars driving throughout the city, a lot of people have gone inside late at night and you can hear noises you normally don’t hear such as the hum of electrical generators and in the distance occasional sounds of people talking. The stars are out and the city lights make such a beautiful scene. Not only do I consider this time a romantic time that I wish I could share with a special someone, it reminds me of my of childhood. We lived next door to a farm (no animals, just alfalfa and sometimes our neighbor grew corn). I always enjoyed the quiet time at my parents house watching the stars and looking over at the city lights and mountains in the distance. The mountains appear as a silhouette in the darkness and sometimes you can see a small campfire or someone using flashlights on the side of the mountain. I also enjoyed the distant hum of electrical generators, the sound of water trickling through our neighbor’s irrigation streams, and being able to hear sounds you normally don’t hear during the daytime hours.

   One night I was waiting for the UTA (Utah Transit Authority) Frontrunner to pick me up. Since it was the Month of May it was chilly outside. I noticed a couple probably in their late teens or early 20s who were also waiting. The woman was wearing shorts, and a short sleeve top and was shivering. He boyfriend offered his jacket to her but she was still cold so they cuddled. This is something that I wished I could do with some woman but there are no women who love me. I get jealous seeing men who are successful with women since I have longed for a chance to share some quality time with a woman who truly loves me and enjoys my company as much as I enjoy her company. It’s very hard to deal with people who constantly hate you and crave social contact but cannot initiate social contact because you are just wired differently and the average woman would never understand this or be willing to spend time with such a person since it is awkward to them and hard for them to love someone who may appear normal in most aspects but also has quirks that they simply cannot deal with. In addition, few women like men who are shorter than 5’8″ and the ones who do would rather remain single for the rest of their life hoping to find that “tall, dark, and handsome guy” than spend time with a shorter guy. At 5’4″, I’m not at the minimum height that women consider as date worthy which is another strike against me. This couple boarded the same rail car as I was in and on the way to Ogden they cuddled and she eventually fell asleep in his arms. This is also something I also have longed for my entire life and was such a tender moment for her boyfriend. Earlier in the month I was at a local Salt Lake City restaurant that I frequent (without a date of course) called The Market Street Grill that is one of the best restaurants in Utah for seafood. I happened to pick a night that happened to be prom night at a local high school which brings back bad memories for me since I was never able to find a date to the prom back in high school. The women were dressed up for their date something that I have never had happen in the few dates I have been on. The women I went on dates with wore casual clothes and no fancy dress or high heels. My dates wore long sleeve shirts, long pants, and tennis shoes. I always longed for the chance to go to a prom but with no women interested in dating me (especially for a big event like the prom), I was just out of luck. Less than a handful of women were even remotely interested in me. For most women in high school I was a second class student and some women even were offended if I tried to talk to them so asking a woman to the prom was a losing battle. A lot of women acted nice to me but more out of pity, they weren’t interested in spending time with me. Very little changed when I reached adulthood. A lot Women still snub me but I was able to find some dates but not women who cared enough to wear clothing other than casual dress and most women wouldn’t be caught dead on a date with me. Especially a date to a major social function that others may see us and it is an event where casual dress is not recommended. The women I meet really aren’t trying to impress me on a date. I know a lot of friends who had women show up on dates dressed to impress them going all out including getting their hair done, nails painted, and buying a special outfit for the date.

   Since a lot of classmates that I use to go to school with are married, I am often reminded of the disadvantages of being single for the rest of my life. If I have a bad day, I have nobody to talk to. I don’t have someone who is supportive and will listen to me if I have a personal problem. I will never be a father or a grandfather. Since people in my age group are married or at least in a relationship, I really can’t spend time with people even if I was able to make friends. There really isn’t a cure for loneliness. I can’t plan a romantic candlelight dinner because I don’t have a women who loves me. I don’t have a woman who cares about me who I can also care about. If I want to go to a movie or on vacation, I have to go alone. It has been hard throughout my life to see guys succeed with women even without trying. Some guys didn’t even have to put fourth effort because women are attracted to them and are willing to initiate contact with them if they didn’t make the first move. I’ve never had a woman come out admitting she loves me and most likely there never was such a woman. The women I’ve approached were not interested in me and in some cases made sure that I knew this such as making derogatory comments towards me every time they see me. I have one woman who I admitted I had a crush on clear back in grade school who to this day continues to call me names if she happens to see me. I recently was at a fast food place of all places and heard someone call my name. When I looked over there she was with her kids and she made some derogatory comments towards me right in front of her kids. I had this crush over 30 years ago and when she treated me like trash after finding out I had a crush on her several years ago, I lost all interests in her but throughout my time in school she would remind me every time she saw me that she didn’t like me. It’s amazing that after 30 years she still doesn’t seem to realize that I lost interests in her even though throughout grade school and high school I told her that I lost interests in her and tried to avoid her. I no longer saw her as attractive and didn’t want anything to do with her. At first I didn’t recognize when she called my name. For some reason she could easily recognize me. I do have to admit that I’m not that good at remembering faces and initially didn’t recognize her. It’s bad enough to be unattractive and not considered an eligible bachelor to women.

   With the warm weather it is always a great time to spend time with a special someone during the summer months. Whether it is at noon when it is hot outside or at night enjoying the evening sky nothing beats spending some quality time with a woman. Summer is also a great time to go on vacation with a special someone and enjoy exploring the world around us. Unlike a lot of guys, I really don’t have fond memories of spending the summer with a special someone. There are some guys who can take women for granted and treat them like crap and not worry about being unable to find another woman to spend time with. I’ve always wondered about these guys and how they can find women willing to spend time with them when most likely women start hearing stories about how they or a friend were treated like crap by this guy and eventually you would think he would be unable to find women willing to spend time with him. These guys have no idea how lucky they are and some guys can hardly find a date and they could easily find themselves in the same shoes as these men who cannot find dates or spend quality time with a woman. There has to be a point where there are so many women who have been mistreated by this guy that women would warn others to stay away from him because either they or one of their friends were mistreated by him. For some reason they never have this happen to them and sometimes it is well known by nearly all women how he treats women.

   It is the end of yet another summer and there really isn’t much to reflect on other than I have been able to take my mind off of women for short periods as I am working hard on a project at work that has required overtime. Still, whenever I go to a movie, go out for dinner, go to the store, or take a walk, I always see some lucky guy who has a woman with him. It’s only natural for all humans to crave interaction with others, especially members of the opposite sex. For someone with Aspergers this may be difficult since we have difficulties socializing and may appear normal at times and awkward at other times. Sometimes how we act gives people a false impression that we don’t want to be with others. We can be quiet and not seem to have anything to say, other times we can have too much to say and not pick up visual cues from someone that they are getting bored or they want us to stop talking about the subject we are discussing. It’s very hard to approach a woman and talk to her then later find out that you made her uncomfortable and she was acting nice to not be rude. Our emotions can seem flat and we may appear unemotional. Sometimes I have inconsistent emotions where I will be talking about something that is sad and be smiling when I truly see what I am talking about as sad but my range of emotions and voice inflection make it appear otherwise. Sometimes I have an intense gaze and women are uncomfortable with this. I’m not always in the mood to talk and sometimes have a hard time expressing my emotions. A lot of women are afraid of me thinking I am someone who will hurt them because of my lacking of emotions. People with Aspergers want to be part of conversations and be in a relationship with a special someone but with their limited range of emotions this can be difficult or in some cases impossible.

Note on religious comments:

I have had some people post “find Jesus” messages and even advertisements to join a particular religion. Others offer a very simple reason for my problems and a simple solution: pray and build a relationship with God. For various reasons I will not publish religious comments. I realize that the people who post these comments are simply trying to share their beliefs with me or potential readers and offer help but like politics, religion is a very controversial subject. I apologize to the people who post religious comments but as a general rule I won’t publish any religious comments just as I don’t publish political comments.

   Before I discuss this blog I want to address the reason I don’t always approve comments. I’ve had a lot of spam and obscene comments lately so I am more watchful of what I approve. I’ve also had people try to post comments asking me to join a particular religion or use some "special" vitamin to "cure" my Aspergers. I’m not a religious person and really don’t like to have people post "trust Jesus" messages. At one time I was into religion but my crisis really changed my perspective on my religious beliefs to the point that I don’t believe in God anymore. After going through a life of praying for God’s help and never receiving any help I conclude that either God Doesn’t exist or simply doesn’t like me so why should I believe in him? For these "special" vitamins I have to say that I am always a skeptic and even am skeptical of something if it is approved by the Food And Drug Administration. Chances are there will never be a cure or treatment for Aspergers and even if there was some pill it could be like the many anti-depressants I have tried for depression that have had all kinds of side effects including gaining 50 lbs of weight, having dizziness attacks, and other symptoms less serious. I’m through trying drugs especially ones that just came out that nobody knows the long term effects of it’s use. One of the anti-depressants I was prescribed turned out to cause diabetes to people who use it on a long term basis. The pharmaceutical company withheld this information from the FDA in order to get their drug approved. They also didn't want to be forced to advise people of the potential of developing diabetes so they withheld this information for marketing reasons too.

   I try my best not to wallow in my own self pity but sometimes it is hard not to. I’ve struggled my entire life to fit in with the mainstream society who doesn’t have Aspergers and it is very difficult. Since Aspergers doesn’t always have obvious symptoms most people misunderstand me. Since Aspergers is something very few people have heard of it would be hard to tell people why I may be socially awkward even if I wanted to reveal that I have Aspergers. I’ve tried not to be so socially awkward but unlike some people with Aspergers I haven’t had any luck. Some people realize that I’m different and are more than happy to tell me what they think of me by calling me obscene names, harassing me, threatening me, and even attempting to hurt me. Dealing with this rejection can be very difficult and being lonely is one of the worst forms of punishment I can think of. It gets very depressing for me this time of the year because this is the time of the year it gets warm outside and like everyone else I have cabin fever from spending most of my winter indoors avoiding the cold and want to get outside and spend time with others. The only problem is I am socially awkward and have a very hard time making friends because I am so socially awkward.

   Things have been very tough for me the past few months. I think I already mentioned that I don't have any friends at work and spend my time alone during breaks. This has been tough for me and I’m considering leaving my current employer because I have no friends. In addition I am being harassed by a woman who doesn't like me because I'm different and has been very vocal in letting me know what she thinks of me. She has called me all kinds of obscene names but the problem is this probably won’t be considered sexual harassment if I report her to Human Resources. At the most it could be harassment based on a perceived disability (she sees me as mentally challenged) and this form of harassment isn't considered as serious as sexual harassment. I also don't have any friends so even if someone witnesses her harassing me I have nobody who is willing to help me or be my witness. To most people I'm considered a second class citizen and even to some I am a worthless piece of garbage to them. I now retreat to my pickup during breaks rather than going to the break room where she usually finds me. The thing is even if I leave my current employer most likely I will end up in another place with no friends and even be harassed by another co-worker. Another reason I am considering leaving is because my current employer is tightening their belt and we are being forced to take days off without pay resulting in a significant loss in pay. Watching the higher ups fail to address their own budget I believe these forced unpaid days off will be a yearly thing and don’t like the idea they won’t be taking a single day off but we will be losing pay. After all they are the reason we are in the financial situation we currently are in and I have no faith in their ability to resolve their inability to budget their money.

   I've faced more rejection than I normally do as I attempt to make friends including rejections from women. The truth is not only do I have Aspergers that makes me socially awkward, I'm also a short guy and very few women are looking for a shorter guy who is only 5'2". I'm also considered ugly looking by women. It really makes me sad to realize I simply cannot get a date and if I want to spend any time with a woman I would have to pay a woman to just go on a date with me. There simply are no women who care about me! It is always depressing for me to go out and watch a movie or dine out and see all kinds of guys on dates or guys taking their wife and family out to dinner or to watch a movie. This past weekend I was in Salt Lake City for one night and went to a local restaurant and it happened to be not only busy but also prom night. This brought back unpleasant memories of my times in high school wanting to go to the prom but not being able to find a date. I's amazing how even though you have had a lot of changes in your life there are some things that remain constant. I try to forget about my high school years as well as the other times I’ve faced rejection but it is hard to not have these memories return.

   When I'm down I have nobody to talk to since I have no friends and most importantly someone who I can trust to talk to about my personal problems. Everyone needs social support but when you have no friends you don’t get the emotional support you need. For most people there is someone who cares about them but for me nobody cares about me.